It started with a crash.

I shit you not, it did. I was at work back in August and I get a call from my wife saying that she was in a car accident. Basically she rear-ended someone and the other car left unscathed while ours…well…it was a lost cause. Because we didn’t have rental coverage, we had to pay out of pocket for rentals until we were able to get a new car. We get the new car in October. Everything was okay.

Until it wasn’t.

One Sunday afternoon in November, we were about to head to the store when we found our car missing. Obviously, we panicked, called the cops, who said it was recovered the day before. This means that whoever took it decided to take it Friday night/Saturday morning. Question: how did we not notice it was gone sooner? Well, out of sight, out of mind. We didn’t leave the house, so we didn’t need the car until that Sunday. Anyway, we spent a copious amount of time recovering the car and getting whatever these motherfuckers broke fixed. It was about $3500 in damages. The good news is: $2500 of that was covered by insurance. All is well, right?

Skip to February. Car’s gone again. This time, we know exactly where it is and we recover it ourselves. Obviously, not driveable, so we had to get it fixed again. This time, insurance was like “naw, it doesn’t cover your deductible, so you gotta pay this out of pocket.” Great. $780 later, we get our car back. We get a wheel lock, we have the GPS, we should be good right?

Once again, Universe in Retrograde.

April 28th. We’re ready to go into work. Car’s gone again. Not only this, but they ripped the wheel lock and the GPS out. Took them a week to find it. Guess how I found out that they recovered it? The fucking insurance company told me so. The cops didn’t even bother to call me to let me know. When they did find it and I go to release it to insurance…

These pieces of schisse decided to not only damage the steering wheel column, but the steering wheel itself, the console, the gas tank cover, part of the side of the car, and the kicker: they literally ripped the back carseat out. What the hell were they trying to look for? That’s literally the only reason why they would rip that out. Oh, and there was a bag of dog food in the trunk. I don’t know if it’s still there, I couldn’t check it.

In case you’ve lost count, that’s three times since October. There was barely any mileage put on it by us.

It’s totaled. The car seat being ripped out is probably what did it. Now I’m just worried about how we’re going to get a new car; the insurance will cover some of the loan, but not all of it from my understanding, and we can’t go too long without one. We need to get to work somehow and getting a Lyft every day would be about $100 a day.

And this is just the car issues. Let’s not talk about how many times I’ve been in the ER in the past month for different reasons, and my wife just came out of the hospital after having a seizure, something we didn’t know she had. She can work still luckily, but stress is a huge trigger, and guess what we’re about to be stressing about!

With that said, if you’ve taken the time to read this post, feel free to support on Ko-fi. Hopefully we can at least get some cash towards a new car so that we don’t have to stress about that too much.

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  1. I’ve gone from working in wireless to automotive. I work in a dealership that supports Honda, Kia, and Mazda. I’m at Honda, sometimes help out over in Kia as needed. There’s actually an active recall for Kia’s because there’s been this thing going around social media that shows people how to Hotwire and steal them. Apparently, the fix is a software upgrade. You didn’t happen to have a Kia, did you?

    There has been an increase on catalytic converter thefts and a ton of people calling for wheel locks as well.

    On my Ring app, there are people every single night who have been going around and checking peoples car door handles. Mine got checked back in October but my door was locked. My Dads got checked in broad daylight when we had a snow storm because his truck was running (autostarted). Idiots actually wiped the snow away and left their damn foot prints. Clearly, no sign of a brain. After that shit happened on top of kids vandalizing our yard, we got our Ring.

    I feel like the world has gone downhill since COViD and people are getting more desperate, bored, and seem to like stealing from hardworking people. I can’t go through an entire day without rolling my eyes anymore.

    I really hope things start picking up for you and your wife soon, Nama. All of this really really sucks. 🥺

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