In the last post, I mentioned in passing that I’m working on something that I called Project Purple Things.

Project Purple Things (or PPT for short) is a memoir of sorts. It is written as a series of stories that have happened in my life thus far. So far, I have 6 titles, and I’ve only written out one. Why only one when I seem to have multiple ideas in my brain? Because life. And ADHD. And illness. And demotivation.

I dunno if anyone’s gonna read it. My idea is to finish it and compile all of it into a book one day. But part of my healing is through writing, so even if no one reads it, it’s there for therapeutic purposes. I will say this–it won’t be for the faint of heart, which is why I’ve decided to lock some of the more triggery topics behind my Ko-Fi. In general, there are mentions of:

Now that I think about it…this whole-ass thing is just one big content warning. With that said, the first one will be up in a few days, as long as work doesn’t whup my ass first (60-hour weeks: 0/10 do not ever recommend!).

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